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Old Photo Gallery:                                Click on image to View Full-Size

Gronich (Schacher) Moses  - 1936

Gerschonovitz Chana and Fania


Zinn Klara

Zinn Wolf



in the river 1934

Helzer Moshko and Preminger

Geller Hermann

Poalei Zion  - 1934

Karpel Chaim, Israel and Fania - 1933

Dr. Scharf

in Work  - 1934

Roll Family

Karpel Zalman, Srul, Sidonia, Sabina - 1977

Hebrew School - 1933

Schreiber Pearl Lena and Ruth and Laufman Ester

Muller Felix, Ieny Katz, Netzi Ellenbogen and Fredi


Mordechai Fuerman - Reshafi

Rauchbek Malbina


Staff from the orphans school - 1945

Zloczower Bursi and Scherzer Lolo

from left - Scherzer - Adolf, Fredi and Rudi - 1928

Youth - about 1937

Youth movement


Gura Humorului Jewish Community

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