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Gura Humorului, Important Persons

Schlomo Winninger (1877-1968)


Schlomo Winninger (Born in Gura Humora, 1877) ýwas an Austrian-Jewish biographer. ý Before World War I, Winninger lived in Chernivtsi and moved to Vienna during the war years, ýwhere he decided to write biographies of famous Jewish persons.ý This idea was pushed in order to counter the self-hating mood of Jewish youth in the city, created under the influence of Otto Weininger's works.ý During his twenty-five creative years, Schlomo Winninger wrote about 18,000 biographies, and he is considered ýas one of the greatest Jewish biographers of all time.


Hermann Scharf (1898-1954)

Lawyer, Banker and Public activate

Hermann Zwi Scharf was born in 18.08.1898 in Şiăpot a small vilige near Valea Seacă.
In 1917 Hermann was a soldier and fight against the Russian.
After the First World War he study Laws in Czernowitz, and work later as a young lawyer in Czernowitz, Radauti and Seletin.
He established a small bank in Seletin and even become the president of the Jewish municipality in that town and Vice-mayor of the city .
Hermann immgrate to Israel in 1944 and was a director in the department of the Sochnut for Zionim Vatikim. Joint founder of "Hitachdut Olei Bukowina" and the federation of the lawyers Diaspora.
Died after tragic accident in 03.09.1954 in Tel-Aviv


Dr. Joseph Moses Juran (1904)

 Industrial engineer and philanthrop


The industrial engineer Dr. Juran was born in 1904 in Braila, Romania and lives later in Gura Humora.
In 1912 he immigrates to America with his family.
Juran is known as a Quality "guru" made significant contributions to management theory, human resources management and consulting as well.
He wrote several books, and known worldwide as the most important contemporary expert in Quality Management.
Even that Dr. Juran lived a short time in Gura Humora; He contributed for the Jewish cemetery renovation of that town.


Prof. Chaim Sheba (1908-1971)

 Medical Doctor and hospital director

Chaim Sheba was born in 1908 to the well known Scheiber "Hasidic" family from Frasin near Gura Humora. In 1929 he ended his medical studious in Vienna and immigrates to Israel in 1933. Until 1936 Chaim Sheba served as rural doctor and later in Belinson Hospital. he was the of the medical services in the "Hagana" and founded the IDF medical corps. He was director of the Health Ministry. And later director of Beilinson Hospital and Tel Hashomer Hospital. In 1968 Winner of Israel Prize.


Israel Polack (1909-1993)

Textile industrialist

Israel Polack (1909-1993) was a textile industrialist in Romania, Chile and Israel. Polack was born in Borsa, Transylvania, Rumania in 1909. In 1925, he moved to Gura Humora Bukovina, and later to Czernowitz. In Czernowitz, he studied at yeshiva and at a textile plant. In 1935, he founded a textile plant in Czernowitz. After World War II, he emigrated to Chile where he founded a textile plant. In 1960, Pinhas Sapir, then Minister of Industry of Israel, invited Polack to establish a textile plant in Israel at Kiryat Gat. Polack's new company, "Polgat", grew into the largest textile, clothing and knitwear company in Israel. It eventually became a public corporation whose shares were traded on the Tel Aviv stock exchange. Because of his contributions to the State of Israel, he was awarded the Prize of Israel in 1960. In 1992, he was honoured by the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.


 Rixi Markus (1910-1992)

 Bridge player and writer

rixi_markus.jpgRixi Markus was born as Erika Scharfstein on 27th June 1910 into a prosperous Jewish family in Gura Humora, Romania but moved to Austria where she first made her name at the bridge table. In 1938 she fled Austria and made her home in London where she remained for the rest of her life.
Generally recognized as the top European lady player to date and a great personality, Rixi was the first woman to become a WBF Grand Master and was the leading woman in the WBF master point rankings from their inception in 1974 until 1980.
Rixi was named International Bridge Press Association Personality of the Year in 1974 and was awarded the MBE for contributions to bridge a year later by Queen Elizabeth. For many years she organized a match between the two Houses of the British parliament.


  • Jewish community chairmen
KLEINBERG Wolf 1880 - 1888 Head of the Jewish community (according to the Austrian law)
SCHATTNER Itschak  Leib 1888 - 1903


MITTELMANN Moritz 1903 "
MARCOWICZ Marcus 1903 - 1904 "
ELLENBOGEN Israel 1904 - 1905 "
FISCHLER Abram 1905 - 1908


LOBEL Alexander 1908 - 1910


LOBEL Alexander 1910 - 1916  Mutual directorate (according to the Austrian law)
LECKER Moses 1916 - 1918 Administrator directorate by Russian occupation authority
GARTENLAUB Ionas 1921 Head of the Jewish community (according to the Romanian law)
RACHMUTH Chaim 1926




MUCK Rafael  




1941 - 1942  
IUNI Don  - 2004  
  • Gura Humora Rabbis
GEWIRER Meschlaem 1860 - 1874 from Galicia
ASCHKENASI Elimelech 1874 - 1890 from Galicia
BABAD Menachem Mendel 1890 - 1930 from Kalisch


1930 - together
GINSBERG Schulim Iacob
  • The Association of Former Residents of Gura-Humorului in Israel
JURGRAU Jacki    



Gura Humorului Jewish Community

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