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The Association of Gura - Humora Jewish Community Descendants
Landsmannschaft der Gura - Humoraer Juden


The fourth convention - Zichron Yakov 1992


The Association of Former Residents of Gura-Humorului and Environs is an organization whose members are former residents of Gura Humorului, people whose ancestors came from Gura Humorului and others. The Association was formally established in 1988, and register in Israel. The aim of the Association is to preserve the memory of the Jewish community of Gura Humorului through some activates such as Charity Fund to help needy former residents of Gura Humorului and Organize Conventions. With the help of the association a memorial book about Gura Humorului Jewish community was published and the Jewish cemetery in Gura Humorului was restored. The first convention of the association was in 1986 and took place in Shfaim (Israel), Two years later in 1988 there was another convention that took place in Zihron-Yakov.

Former Residents of Gura-Humora and Environs 2005 convention

We, the undersigned, convened this year with the purpose of organizing a reunion of people who come from the town of Gura Humora and their families. We would like to know if you are interested in attending this reunion which is tentatively planed to take place in Jun 2005. that have valuable information regarding the residence of the city and the way of life conduced there before and during the holocaust and the deportation to Transnistria. We believe that moving event such as this has great importance for preserving the heritage of the town's citizens and conveying this heritage to the next generations. Furthermore, the reunion will serve as a name of honoring the memory of those members of the community who perished in the Holocaust.

In order that we are able to further the idea of holding this reunion we would appreciate your informing us if you plan to attend.
please contact with   Helen Livnat: LIVNATH@013.NET.IL


Shuky Broder, Mr. & Mrs. Moshe Goldstein, Helen Wininger Livnat, Tovi Talczer, Mr. & Mrs. Jacky Yurgrau, Shraga Yeshurun, Yaakov Yoran, Shlomo Pecht, Eli Schachar and Rita Schenarch.




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Gura Humorului Jewish Community

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