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Travel Guide 

Getting there:                                                                 

By Flight: The close airfield to Gura Humorului is Salcea Airport, 17 kilometers from downtown Suceava, offering only Domestic flights: daily flights to and from Bucharest.
Getting to Otopeni Bucharest, Romania by flight:
From Tel Aviv Israel: It's possible to travel with El Al Israel Airlines and Tarom-Romanian Air with non-stop service. A Round-Trip price is $316 - $386
From New York: It's possible to travel with several airlines such as Austrian Airlines, Scandinavian Airlines, Lufthansa, Alitalia, Air France, and British Airways. A Round-Trip with 1 stop price is $396 - $457
From Budapest Hungary: It's possible to travel with Tarom-Romanian Air and Malev Hungarian Airlines with non-stop service. A Round-Trip price is $167 - $215
From Istanbul, Turkey: It's possible to travel with Tarom-Romanian Air and Turkish Airlines with non-stop service. A Round-Trip price is $174 - $200

It's possible to find Additional flights in that link:

By Train: The main international train from Western Europe to Romania (Bucharest) is the Wiener Waltzer, which runs to Bucharest during summer only.
Train fares in Romania are low, and rail travel is the best way to get to the small towns and villages spread across the country
International trains. The trains from Croatia or Hungary are very cheap. But if you travel from some other countries, fares are very expensive. You may go to the border station or stations near the border and buy the international ticket, if your time schedule fits.
There is a way to travel to Gura Humorului from Hungary with a train from Budapest to Oradea and from Oradea to Gura Humorului by train # 1834, Duration time from Oradea is about 08:29
The acceptable way to arrive to Gura Humorului is with the Romanian train (CFR).
There aren't directly trains to Gura Humorului from Bucharest, and the way to get from Bucharest by train to Suecava is by trains; #382, #751 and #753 Duration time is about 06:20.
From Suecava to Gura Humorului by trains; # 5703, # 5723, #5701 and 5721, Duration time is about 01:00.
The cost for one way ticket to Gura Humorului in first class is about $20.
It is an option to travel to Suceava in the night with train, #382 in Sleeping car, of course the cost rise in that option

For more details:

By Bus: International Bus Companies serving Suceava is ATLASSIB - scheduled bus service to Germany, Italy, France, Sweden, Spain Telephone: 530.869; 534.734
From Suceava to Gura Humorului with Public Transportation.
Several bus and trolleybus routes connect Suceava’s main areas and tourist attractions.
A bus ticket, valid for two trips costs about $0.30


Get around:                                                                     

It's such a small town you can go around walking.


Where to visit:                                                                

This small logging town, 36km west of Suceava on the main railway line to Cluj Napoca, is an ideal centre for visiting the monasteries.A popular trip is to catch a train to Gura Humorului then trek 4km south to Voronet monastery; walk back to Gura Humorului and then hike 6km north to Humor when you can stay the night before visiting the monastery the following day.

Alternatively you can head directly north from Gura Humorului to the Solca and Arbore monasteries making a small detour to the Cacica salt mines en route; from Arbore you can then continue north to Radauti where you can continue north to Putna monastery or head west to Sucevita and Moldovita.

From Gura Humorului you can continue following the main Suceava-Vatra Dornei road west to Campulung Moldovenesc and the Rarau mountains, turning off the main road 16km before Campulung Moldovenesc at Varna wher a road leads north to the Moldovita and Sucevita monasteries.


Where to eat :                                                                

Restaurantul Moldova - you will see on the right while walking from the main square (where the huge Best hotel is) towards the bridge. It's a good restaurant making some traditional Romanian dishes. Inside there is a small stand giving touristic information. They also plan trips for the surrounding Painted monasteries.

Where to stay:                                                               

Find Hotels Travelers Trust
  • Hotel - Best Western Bucovina Club de Munte ***

Check-in: Click to select date from a calendar
Check-out: Click to select date from a calendar
Price level:

  • Hotel - Dumbrava Humorului **

Address/ Adresa: Gura Humorului - Str. Stefan cel Mare Nr. 76, Judetul Suceava
Telephone / Telefon: 0745660252

  • Motel - Pensiune-vila **

Address/ Adresa: Gura Humorului
Double / Loc in double: 375.000,00 lei ($11.25) (– Dec 1, 2004)

  • Motel - Casa Cristin ****

Address/ Adresa: Gura Humorului
Loc in double: 18,00 euro ($22.30) (– Dec 1, 2004)
Apartament: 29,00 euro ($40.00) (– Dec 1, 2004)

  • Motel – Vila Ramona ****

Address/ Adresa: Gura Humorului Str. Obor Nr. 6 , Judetul Suceava
Telephone / Telefon: 0040230232996
Double / Loc in double: 13,00 euro ($16.00) (– Dec 23, 2004)

  • Motel - Casa Victoria ***

Address/ Adresa: Gura Humorului
Telephone / Telefon:
Room / Camera: 700,000 Lei ($21.00)

  •  Hotel Simeria

Address/ Adresa: Mihail Kogalniceanu, Nr. 2, Gura Humorului
Telephone / Telefon: 230.230227
Room / Camera:

For more Motels / Pensunui Click here




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