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List of Gura Humorului former Jewish residents


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Last Update: January 13, 2007

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This page provides access to the list of the former Jewish residents of Gura Humorului and the surrounding villages. The list of the Jewish former residents of Gura Humora consists from a great number of sources therefore there might be some errors and dualities.

Copyright © 2004 - 2007, Eli Schachar , all rights reserved.


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List of Holocaust Victims from Gura Humorului

Over 1000 Records.

Residents of Gura-Humora and environs deceased in the Shoah from Gura Humora and its environs (Ostra, Ilisesti, Arbore, Bucsoia, Vama, Valisca, Vatra-Moldovitei, Moild, Frasin, Poiana, Frumosul, Capu-Campului, Capu-Codrului, Comanesti, Rus-Moldovita, Rus-Favaul, Stulpicani) who perished in the Shoah, drowned aboard the Struma, were murdered during the pogrom in Iasi


The Central Database of Shoah Victims' Names

Over 500 Records

Yad Vashem, together with its partners, has collected and recorded here the names and biographical details of half of the six million Jews murdered by the Nazis and their accomplices. Millions more still remain unidentified: It is our collective duty to persist until all their names are recovered.


Gura Humorului - The Jewish cemetery Index of names on gravestone in section A & B

Over 500 Records

Records from Gura Humorului Jewish cemetery. the list was made by the  Association of Former Residents of Gura-Humorului and Environs. and was edited by Mr. Schachar Eli


Ellis Island Passanger Records

Over 100 Records

 Ellis Island Passenger List records 1892 - 1924.


List of small business and owners in the Bukowina

Over 50 Records

From the book Archiv-Auskünfte über die Firmen Galiziens und der Bukowina (Krakau 1914-15)


Druker’s List, Moghilev, Transnistria

Some records.

An article by Y. Maschiach, ( April 25, 1997, Haaretz weekend supplement , in Hebrew) , describes an unusual document about the fate of Romanian Jews deported to Moghilev, Transnistria. the document was made by one Yacob Druker, during the holocaust.


 Beit Lohamei Haghetaot

Some records.


Some sender-names on mail from the Bukowina

Some records.



A Selection of vital records from the Bukowina

Some records.

Bukovina Vital Records, from Dan-Reinhardt Quirsfeld (after being interpreted) - beginning October, 1998:


 Tabele Barbatilor -Census of Jewish Men in Romania, 1942

Some records.

Tabele Barbatilor ("Census of Men") lists were compiled during the Antonescu regime in Romania, in 1942.


Transnistria: Lists of Jews Receiving and Sending Support

Some records.


Kadisha Records

Some records.


The Family Tree of the Jewish People

Some records.


 U.S. Social Security Death Index

Some records.


U.S. Emergency Passport Applications, Bucharest

Some records.


Dachau Concentration Camp Records

Some records.


 List of Jewish residents of Cottbus

Some records.

This is list is from "The Jewish Community of Cottbus, 1930's-1945"

Books , Newspapers & Privet Sources:

the book: Gura Humora small town in south Bukovina

Over 400 Records.

The Story of its Jewish Community, Edited by Shraga Yeshurun (Jurgrau), translated from Hebrew by Ike (Tuliu) Katz, 1997 .The list was made by Mr. Schachar Eli. from names that reminded in the book.


the book: Kimpolung-Bukowina and Surroundings, a memorial of the Jewish Community

About 35 Records.


Privet Sources

Over 100 Records.


Family members

Over 100 Records.


Die Ostüdische Zeitung

Some records.


the book: Filling Time With Life

Some records.


 The Holocaust Revealed  

Some records.

The Massacres in Bessarabia, Bucovina and Dorohoi County. The Chronological Order of Events June 2, 1940 - November 15, 1941.


IDF Yizkor Book

Some records.


Joseph Kissman

Some records.

by Ruth Kaswan.


the book: The Autobiography of Dr. Joseph M. Juran

Some records.


Geschichte der Juden in der Bukowina

Some records.

Gura Humorului , Translation of chapter “Gura Humorului” from Volume II: Geschichte der Juden in der Bukowina Edited by: Hugo Gold,  Written by: Schlomo Wininger with contributions by Israel Ellenbogen, Published in Tel Aviv, 1962 Translated by: Jerome Silverbush


Rixi Markus:

Some records.

Biography by Patrick Jourdain, 4 April, 2004


The Jewish Community of Cottbus

Some records.


Biographische Suche - Filmdatenbank

Some records.


Pinkas Hakehilot - Romania

Some records.



Gura Humorului Jewish Community

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Copyright © 2004 - 2007 Eli Schachar, all rights reserved.

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