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  • ShtetLinks: Gura Humorului (By J. Silverbush) Genealogical Links, Background Information and maps from Gura Humora.

  • Gura Humorului Necrology Residents of Gura-Humora and environs (Ostra, Ilisesti, Arbore, Bucsoia, Vama, Valisca, Vatra-Moldovitei, Moild, Frasin, Poiana, Frumosul, Capu-Campului, Capu-Codrului, Comanesti, Rus-Moldovita, Rus-Favaul, Stulpicani) who perished in the holocaust.

  • Cemetery Project from the International Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies. The IAJGS International Jewish Cemetery Project mission is to catalogue every Jewish burial site throughout the world. 

  • Jews of Romania Links 

  • ROMANIAN GENEALOGY Link to your Romanian ancestors 

  • Genealogy of Eastern Galicia This website provides general information on Halychyna/Eastern Galicia, a region that is often misunderstood or ignored in North America. This site should be the starting point for anyone researching their ancestral roots in Western Ukraine/Eastern Galicia.  Many of the pages will be useful for Polish researchers of Western Galicia, as well. 

  • Romania Jews (Hebrew) From the Israeli parlament (Kneset) library. 

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Photografs from Gura Humorului

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Gura Humorului Jewish Community

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